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My $400 juicer is NOT a waste of money! CEO of Juicero defends the juicing 'experience. - PakTune.pk
Published: 7 months ago By: 24 NEWS TODAY

By: 24 NEWS TODAYPublished: 7 months ago

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My $400 juicer is NOT a waste of money! CEO of Juicero defends the juicing 'experience' he provides after customers squeezed juice straight out of its expensive fruit packs by HAND.
The CEO of a Silicon Valley start-up that was hailed as the 'Keurig for juice' is offering refunds after it was revealed that its highly touted juice machine is unnecessary.
Jeff Dunn, the CEO of Juicero, defended his company's signature product on Thursday after it became apparent that consumers could simply use their hands to squeeze juice out of a bag instead of putting it through the $399 Juicero machine.
The Juicero is a machine that squeezes packets of pre-cut produce to make healthy juices.
The packets range in price from $5 to $8 and can't be purchased unless customers already own a Juicero machine, which costs $399.
But a recent test by Bloomberg showed that squeezing the packets by hand was nearly just as effective - and actually faster - than using the machine.
Reporters were able to wring out 7.5 ounces of juice from the packets in a minute and a half while the machine squeezed out 8 ounces in two minutes.
Venture capitalists - including Google's investing firm - poured more than $120million into the Silicon Valley start-up on the promise of a sleek machine with the pressing power 'to lift two Teslas'.
Two backers who spoke with Bloomberg said they were disappointed when they finally got to try out the invention, noting that it was bulkier than what they were promised and they were confused that the packets could just as easily be squeezed by hand.
One investor said he would have never even scheduled a meeting with the company if he knew the packets could be squeezed by hand.
The company declined to offer an official comment when contacted by DailyMail.com on Wednesday.
In January, a few months after taking over as chief executive, Dunn slashed the price of the machine by half.
Juicero is currently only available in 17 states since their packets are perishable and difficult to ship long distances.
Doug Chertok, one of Juicero's investors, says he figured out on his own that the packets could be squeezed by hand, but says he's 'still a huge fan'.
'Juicero is still figuring out its sweet spot,' he said. 'I have no doubt that they’ll be very successful.'
One area that the company has proved successful is in selling to businesses, such as hotels.
Seven businesses that were interviewed by Bloomberg all said that they liked the machine because the packets could be easily discarded and there was practically no cleanup.

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