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Reverse Backup camera wiring - PakTune.pk
Published: 2 years ago By: TravelingDirector

By: TravelingDirectorPublished: 2 years ago

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Did you recently buy a reverse camera and not sure what red power wire to use? Did you get an RCA cable with a little red wire on both ends? Not quite sure what to make of the terrible instructions? (read more below)

The red and black wire that are together are supposed to be connected to the white rear reverse light bulb (I accidentally said "camera" in the video). If you connect the red and black wire to the reverse bulb, it will give the camera power (turn it on) only when you are in reverse. (Ahhh Haaa moment). If they were connected anywhere else, they would either be on all of the time, or not when you need them to be. You could connect them to say a cigarette lighter that is only on when the car is on, but then you run into the next issue.

About the red wire on the RCA cable...Most headunits don't have a button to click when you're in reverse. If yours has video inputs, then stop. You could use an input as the reverse camera, but keep in mind that you have select this input..kind of annoying. For everyone else, yours has a special 12v turn on wire. When this one particular wire gets 12 volts, it tells the headunit to now switch to the yellow rca video. It is the small wire connected to that yellow rca that is to be used for that 12 v turn on. You can use the reverse lights for this power signal.

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