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10 Amazing Facts About The Human Body You Didn't Know - PakTune.pk
Published: 8 months ago By: TheHUB

By: TheHUBPublished: 8 months ago

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Top 10 mind-blowing things you need to know about your body

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You may use your body primarily for sitting on the couch watching Netflix, but it’s capable of some incredible things. While you were thinking about whether to sprinkle butter or cheese on your popcorn, your saliva glands were working up an incredible amount of fluid. How much do you think you create over a lifetime? And once you finally eat that popcorn, you know the acid in your stomach is strong enough to dissolve any errant kernels, but what else can it do? From the smell of the popcorn, to your brain’s reaction when you burn yourself on a hot kernel, we’ll let you know all the amazing things happening just under the surface of your body.

Gravity holds us to the Earth, but it also limits our height. Good thing your body is properly equipped to combat that. We could do an entire other video about the differences between men and women, but who do you think has a better sense of smell? And who gets colder faster?

When our body experiences pain, it sends signals to our brain. But the brain is actually the only part of our bodies incapable of experiencing pain itself. We’ll explain what really happens when you get a headache, as well as how this ability is beneficial during surgery.

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