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$400 Juice Co Ridiculously Proves How Out of Touch They Are - PakTune.pk
Published: 7 months ago By: NerdAlert

By: NerdAlertPublished: 7 months ago

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Juicero is the $400 internet connected juicer that Bloomberg proved was totally useless by squishing the juice out the same way by hand. Their boss proved just how overblown and out of touch he is in his rebuttal. and Kim Horcher breaks it down.

"It’s easy to see why Bloomberg’s April 19 story on Juicero, a startup that makes a juice machine, went viral so quickly. The internet loves nothing more than a good bit of schadenfreude, and Bloomberg served it cold with the tale of a fancy, $400 juicer that, when tested against bare human hands, utterly failed to deliver."*

*Read more: https://qz.com/965142/startups-like-juicero-are-incapable-of-seeing-their-own-absurdities/

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