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What Would A Civilization 1 Billion Years Older Than Us Be Like? - PakTune.pk
Published: 7 months ago By: Strange Mysteries

By: Strange MysteriesPublished: 7 months ago

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If we were to meet an extra-terrestrial civilization, the chances....
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of them being the same age as humanity are slim to none. If they're much younger than us then it will be difficult or impossible to communicate with them, but if they're older, say, a billion years more advanced than us, then what might they be like? How would they look, what technology would they have, and what would they be capable of? Let's find out as we ask What Would A Civilization 1 Billion Years Older Than Us Be Like?

To imagine what a billion-year advanced civilization may look like, we must first consider where we humans are technologically, and where we're likely to be in future. When you imagine the vastness of space and the amazing collection of bizarre objects contained within, it seems odd that Earth should hold any sort of record at all. If you think it's hard to imagine what technology may exist in a billion years, it's even more difficult to comprehend what life may look like after such a million millennia of evolutionary development.

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